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Stop motion animation in the cloud

Stop motion animation movies are created by taking still photos of characters movements which are then combined to create a flowing film.

Cloud Stop Motion allows you to do this on any connected device, your film is automatically backed up into the cloud and can be securely accessed from anywhere on any modern device.

Export your film as an MP4 movie file and download or view online.

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Schools and Organizations

Free organization/school accounts with unlimited student users.
  • 2GB of storage as standard
  • Unlimited student accounts
  • Unlimited student groups/classes
  • Manage student accounts
    • Export student projects to MP4 movies
    • View movies for a whole student group
    • Edit projects
    • Delete projects & MP4 movies
    • Empty student recycle bins
    • Manage organization storage
  • Unlimited organization administrators
  • Students and administrators can access their accounts from anywhere on any modern device
    • Create stop motion animations
    • Export films to MP4 movies

To create a free organization / school account you first need to sign up (for free) as a Cloud Stop Motion user